Edwina "Winnie" Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Edwina is a native of Landover, Maryland, wife of Deacon

Quarry Wilson and the mother of four young adults, one in which was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a few months after birth, her daughter, Kelly. She also has four lovely granddaughters. Edwina has managed a home, family, career, life, and the list goes on while caring for Kelly. She's also an actress that has been in several plays, commercials and films. With her strong faith in God and will power to not limit her daughter, Kelly has thrived high above the doctor's expectations. Because of the struggles within her own journey, God gave Edwina a Dream in July 2011 that became an instant Vision and Edwina founded Kelly's Choice so she could give back and assist other caregivers of children & young adults with special needs and different abilities through some of the difficult times by sharing her own personal testimony and lessons learned. She hopes that you will be pleased with all that Kelly's Choice has to offer.

She's also an Author of her story with a collaboration of 13 other Entreprenuer Women. The host of Kelly's Choice Radio Show and the Founder of Kelly's Choice Magazine.

CONGRATULATIONS to Edwina Wilson for being Nominated under the Categories of: Humanitarian and Service under ACHI Nonprofit Executive of the Year Award and ACHI Community Leader and for Career Excellence under ACHI Woman of Inspiration. Winner of ACHI Magazines 2015 Humanitarian & Service ~ AND ~ Winning the Community Leader of the Year Award!